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Frameworks are the foundation of good scholarship. They structure, organize and communicate research, underpin individual studies and shape the field of study as a whole. This book introduces students to the concept of frameworks in tourism research and provides a review, discussion and critique of frameworks. Theoretical, conceptual, analytical and integrative frameworks are all covered in detail, with the features, use, strengths and limitations of each form discussed and illustrated using a wide range of examples and applications across the field of tourism studies.

Mô tả tài liệu

Frameworks for tourism research / Douglas G Pearce.- Wallingford, Oxfordshire: CAB International, 2012.- x, 210 p. ; ill., 25 cm, 9781845938987.- 910.72/ P359

Số phân loại: 910.72/ P359

Nơi lưu trữ: FL-Tài liệu đọc-Tầng 3

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